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BARNSLEY BSAC Club AGM and possible training activities 19th Jan

Waves Shape

This Tuesday is our Annual General Meeting, come and join in the fun!

All of the committee jobs are potentially up for re-election so if you fancy
taking over as Training Officer and making up some drivel each Sunday night
(along with an attempt at a plan) then put your name forward. I must have a
tendency to self-harm because I have agreed to carry on unless deposed (or
assassinated?). Seriously, Ann would like someone to take over as Secretary
and we will need to appoint a new Equipment Officer (Chief Cage Monkey) so
please give serious thought to whether you can help.

The AGM will last as long as it needs to, but hopefully there may be time to
fit in some pool time. I am aware of the following:

Rob – wants to do some pool stuff with Scott, Mick and Samantha

I need an instructor (not ChrisN) to do Paul Carpenter’s pool skills


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