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Winter boat diving in Largs

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Big news! In collaboration with Dearne Valley Divers, and generously supported by PaulT, we have established a winter boat diving base at Largs Yacht Haven on the west coast of Scotland.

Largs Marina provides a great base for diving, with top notch facilities (restaurants, shops and showers/changing facilities). Travel time is just 5 hours from Barnsley. There is access to some great scenic diving at Cumbrae and the Isle of Arran. There are also some good wrecks further up the Firth of Clyde.

Diving is suitable for ALL diver grades and sea temps remain reasonably warm (13 degrees in October) – you could get probably dive with 7mm neoprene, although dryuits would be best. Largs itself is great for a weekend – plenty of shops, bars and restaurants.

You will need to source your own accommodation (either individually or with your group). If you’re interested in diving Largs between November and April, then please get in touch with RobM or PaulT in club for more details.

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