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Welcome to Tim Gledhill

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Hi All – I’d like to introduce you to our new club member and Advanced Instructor, Tim Gledhill. Along with Paul Tarn, Tim gives us a much needed boost to our instructor numbers this year, particularly at a time when new diver recruitment is buoyant! So, please join me in extending Tim a warm welcome.

Tim has sent me this short bio to share with members:

I started diving in 1990 at a BSAC Branch in Liverpool. I really had the bug for years after watching the James Bond film Thunderball. So when I got the opportunity to have a try dive with a colleague I took it and have never looked back.

I was fortunate to retire early and decided to use my time to progress my diving qualifications to Advanced instructor with BSAC and then also transferred to PADI by taking their open water instructor course and exam and continued to Staff instructor so I could teach commercially . In my second career as a diving instructor I have worked in Thailand , Greece and Gibraltar. My ambition was to teach diving from a tropical beach and I did it.

My favourite places to dive have been, “well apart from Capernwray !!!” they are South of France around the Îles d’Hyères, The Hardeep wreck in Thailand, Liberty Wreck in Talumben Bali, Osprey reef Great Barrier reef and The Maldives. In addition to these I have dived around the UK, Spain , Portugal, Greece, Philippines, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Lots of the Red Sea, Normandy, Italy, Cyprus, Malta – Gozo and Northern Ireland.


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