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“Vera” and “Rosalie” Dive Trip

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3 club members ( Mark Robinson, Paul Richardson and Chris Hill) went to Cley next to sea and Sherbourne in North Norfolk on Saturday to dive the wrecks “Vera” and “Rosalie”. Listed as two of the UK`s top 100 dives we arrived at 9.00am with great anticipation. The weather was fine, the sea was calm, there was little wind and what there was, was in the right direction. Perfect then, but once we got got into the water the current was stronger and in an opposite direction to what we had expected. Visibility was non existant and the bearing and position of the Vera was not as detailed. So we got a drift dive but ended up down the shore with a tough walk back along the shingle. Second dive, and the wreck is now visible from shore and much closer than expected and now we know the currents. In the water and the wreck is getting further away not nearer. The current has changed so Plan B. Walk down the shore and drift back up onto the wreck – perfect plan. Got quite close this time but just as we neared the wreck the current decided it was not our day and so 15 minutes later we had drifted nicley back to shore with lots of help from those nice fins we wear. Confidence dented but hey we have the Rosalie just 5 miles down the coast and this time at low tide. Visit tea shop on the way and are fleeced of more of our money than expected. Chat to a local fisherman who says if we ask nicely those people at the Mussleborough war museum will let us park close to the dive entry point. Permission refused so a nice leg excercise trudge along the steep shingle beach. Into the water and a perfect drift onto the Rosalie. Nice girl really. But on descent we can see very little, deadmans fingers and some outlines of wreckage but visibility is very poor and current strong. Back to the surface and oh yes Paul`s BC inflator gets stuck so air in suit and pleasant drift back to shore. If only that were true we are exhausted and still have a route march along steep shingle beach back to car park. At least Mark Robinson completed the dives necessary for him to become a qualified Advanced Diver so our congratulations go to him. 

Seriously we cannot recommend these dives, the dive site is tough with long walks carrying heavy equipment along deep shingle, steep beaches. The likelyhood of hitting on the right weather and sea conditions is minimal and the dives themselves do not offer sufficient reward for all the travelling time and effort to dive them. How they can be classed in the top 100 dives is beyond us – so you have been warned.

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