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Updated training plan 6th June

Waves Shape
Hello All,
couple of small changes.
Nitrox is on the 13th not the 6th, it was not clear from my email.
Paul Birch Garth no longer attending
Jaene not attending
Deborah in the pool

**** also next week Tuesday 13th we will be running a ‘Nitrox Workshop’
this is being asked for by a number of members and is open to all not just
those that have not done it or cant remember, but for those that want a
*Please send me you name and if we need to do so, we will add a couple of
sessions in** *

*In the Pool*
Chris Newsam – George Dyson & Stuart Hately = Complete OS2
(Did not complete, lesson was with DP)
David Patchett – Jacob Wardle & Jacob Broomfield = Pool Sign off
Gemma Kitchen = Tom Markey = TryDive (Paid)
Alex Wardle = Jacob lettice = TryDive (still to pay on the night)

*Pool training*
Paul Booth & son
Jaene Booth (no rel)
Alexis Moreno
Bryan & Will Rutter
Deborah Beckley

Ann Bailey – Zara Hardcastle = SD Theory
Scott Brewster = OD Theory
Nigel Kaye – Paul Birch Garth AOD T4/2
Sammy Norton – Beverley Parr = OT1

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