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Wave Shape

Tuesday 11th April training plan

Waves Shape
Hello All,
little later than normal.
Please let me know asap if you cannot attend or I have made a mistake and
it needs to be amended

We have a 3 or 4 spaces spare in the pool this week for those that wish to
do some practice. If you want to use the pool, please let me know asap and
i will add you to the list, first come bases please as we will need to let
the cage team know, for setting up the equipment.


Tim – Helen Parker & Anya Backhouse = DT6
Rob – with Paul le Gallez RE Open Water training
Chris N – Try Dive
Dave C – Steve Taylor & Louis Dodd = finish off pool sign off
Dave P – Scott Brewster, Jacob Broomfield, Stuart Hately – OT3
Ann – Seth Newsam – OD theory test
Steve D – Jacob Wardle OT1
Nigel K – Esme Hays & Paul Birch Garth = ST4/2 / AOD T3 /2
Charles – OFF
Gemma – OFF
Alexis – Will Rutter, Andy Walton, Deborah Beckley = resus Annie
Sammy – Try Dive
Paul T – OFF
Pam –
Clare –

*Pool Bryan Rutter, Luke Wall, Jaene Booth – *

Mick Mc – is waiting for Annie training then theory
Pool practice – Bryan R & Jaene B and maybe Andy W
Currently thats 10 in the pool, so we have space for a few more to dip
there toes
Maddie, Zara & Finley all off

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