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Training Plan Tuesday April 25th

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Hi All,

Just one try-dive this week. It’s Sammy’s friend but I’m not sure of their name. Chris N will do this.

Tim will take Paul M in the pool for OS2

Dave C will take Stan in the pool to complete his pool skills. Perhaps Stan would like a pool sign off with Dave P the following week? If so, let Chris B know.

Mary will have 4 new people to sign up! Chris B will do OT1 with them and then take them down to the pool for the swim test. Please everyone, make Nichola, Daniel, Jake S and Jake T welcome.

And that’s it for training…YAY! How about you qualified divers and instructors grabbing the opportunity to have a bit of a fun night in the pool. If there’s an instructor willing to act as a ‘safety diver’ then qualified divers (and those signed off for pool skills) could buddy up and try swapping kit on the bottom of the pool…I suggest exchanging regs last of all ! There’s also the egg and spoon buoyancy challenges kept in the cage…Just ask Mick, Nick or Linda. It’s all good experience and practice.

I’m off on holiday tomorrow so if you have any problems with the plan please contact Chris B on ch@s895383513.websitehome.co.uk or ring him on 07743816014. Thanks.


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