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Training plan Tuesday 9th May

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Hi all,

First of all don’t forget that Paul and Mark will be giving their presentation entitled ‘Warm Water Diving’, which is all about their trip to Indonesia last autumn…they have some fantastic photographs to share with us, don’t miss it!

The presentation will probably start around 7.40 and finish by about 8.15. After that there’s just pool training with the Ocean Diver trainees (as below) so there should be space for others to get wet and practice, practice, practice! If you’re booked onto a trip in the near future…Eyemouth or Farnes you really should be starting to refresh and hone your skills in preparation.

As for training:

Rob will be in the pool with Jake and Jack and Chris N will be in the pool with Nichola and Daniel. They will all be doing OS1 (to explain for our new starters, that’s Ocean Diver Sheltered water lesson 1).

In addition, if Paul M comes this week he should be doing OS2/3. Please could Tim or Dave C be on hand to do this as Dave P and I don’t want to get our kit wet just before packing up for Egypt (a little gloat there!)

And that’s about it, hope to see a big turnout on Tuesday.


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