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Training plan Tuesday 6th and Thursday 8th July

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Hi all,

Three try-dives again this week but I’m glad to say that things are
gradually calming down as we get through the last of the Christmas
vouchers. A huge thank you to our assistant instructors for all the
try-dives they’ve done recently. I’ll not be there on Tuesday so I’m hoping
to persuade Dave H or Dean to come in to look after the try-divers’

TUESDAY 6th July

Group 1

David P will continue with Becca, probably OS3

*Dave C * will do a pool assessment with Matthew White who wants to join us
as an Ocean Diver part way through the SD course.

*Chris N *will do OS5 with Andrei and Mihai

Group 2

*Nigel * will do a try-dive with Wayne Kilner

Steve D will do a try dive with Wayne’s daughter (13)

*Charles *will do a try-dive with Rhiana Law (17)

*Ann *will do OT1 on ZOOM with our new starters Liam, Johnna, Marie,
Helena, Steve and Francis. I will start the meeting at 7.15pm hopefully
everyone can make it at that time so that we get the lesson finished before
Helena has to go to work.

The zoom link is: zoom.us/j/9196753175

*Thursday 8th July – Rescue Skills Refresher Night*

These are the names I have booked on to this event:

*Alexis, Helen (DVD), Dan, Carolyn and Mark (DVD), Lee, Ken, Steve B and

I have to say that I’m a bit disappointed that so few people, especially
those who will be sea diving in a couple of weeks’ time, are doing this
refresher. There is space for at least another 3 divers. The evening is now
open to anyone wanting to refresh…just email me between now and Thursday
if you want to join in.

Could everyone who has their own kit please bring it in to save too much
work for the EOs and remember to find a space to set up, socially
distanced, using the markers laid out on the poolside. Thanks.

The instructors who have kindly volunteered to help out this evening are:

*Pam, Rob, David P, Chris N and Nigel.*

The skills I think should be refreshed are :

AS, with horizontal swim in case you have to get away from the rocks before

CBL and tow

DSMB deployment…I’m told some people were very rusty on this in Mull!

Practice setting up the O2 kit for oxygen administration (for those who are
O2 admin trained) demo for others if wanted

CPR practice for those trained, demo for others.

David has volunteered (been persuaded) to do the O2 administration but I
need the other instructors to decide which skill they would like to
teach/refresh; it would help if you let me know before Thursday but it can
be finalised then.

Pam, please could you circulate the Thursday part of this email to DVD
members, especially those on the Farnes trip. Thanks.


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