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Training plan Tuesday 5th March

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Hi all,

An early training plan this week because I’m away for the weekend but more importantly, this is the night for our qualified divers to make use of the pool for testing kit, refreshing skills, trying out DSMBs or just getting wet! Remember, kit hire is free but you must book it in advance by emailing Linda on eo@s895383513.websitehome.co.uk before the end of this weekend…she will allocate it on a first come, first served basis and it will be ready with your name on it on the poolside between 8.00 and 8.15pm. If you have your own kit please bring it to allow others to use the club kit. You can bring it directly to poolside via the back door but remember to just drop off your kit then take your car and park it in a proper bay. There is no formal instruction planned for the pool, however, if you have a problem or query and you see an instructor I’m sure they’ll be willing to help.

This means that all our Ocean Diver trainees are on theory lessons this week as follows:

Ann will do OT1 with Armya, Shane and Milli

David will do OT2 with Paul, Babs, Ruby and Dylan

Sammy will do OT3 with Mate and Dominik

Paul T will do OT5 with Jess, Giannis and Mackenzie

I think that covers it. Rob and Mark know what they’re doing and other instructors are welcome to make use of the pool time for themselves.
Have fun everyone!


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