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Training Plan Tuesday 3rd July

Waves Shape

Hi all,

A fairly quiet evening this week….could this be because of the football? I know of two people who’ve said they’d rather watch football than dive (I can’t understand it myself) but if that applies to you too, please let us know so the instructors can escape if they want to as well!

Just one try-dive, Luke Ronan, Rob will do this.

Dave C will do a dry-suit refresher with Shaz in preparation for her first trip into open water on the 15th.

David will watch over Angelina doing her swim test and then do OS1 in the pool with her.

I think Callum is ready, or nearly ready for a pool sign off so Paul will do an assessment of his pool skills.

Chris will continue with Josh. I know Josh completed his pool sign off last week but I’m not sure where they’re up to on theory. If you’re about to start OT5 then Callum could join you before he goes in the pool.

Ann and Suze will both be available to do sports diver theory revision with a view to getting some of you long standing SD trainees through the theory test. Please make use of this opportunity!

The open water training will be on 15th July (sorry Paul B, everybody else can make the 15th) at Capernwray. The names I have down are Will, Alastair and Elliot for SD, Shaz, Dan and George for OD and Sammy for DL. It would be helpful to have another instructor (or two) along if anybody else is free because the range of dives needed by the various trainees is large. As always, all qualified divers are very welcome to come along for fun, experience or to support the training.


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