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Training Plan Tuesday 3rd April

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Hi all,

Sorry for the lateness and the vagueness of this training plan but I am not too sure which instructors are available this week or, for that matter exactly who we have in terms of trainees. What I do know though is that we have three try-dives booked in and who knows, they might all turn up this week!

So, please could Rob, Chris N and David P be prepared to do these? Thanks.

We may have two people coming to sign up. The first, Rowan Gandy who will be starting the OD course so will need to do an introduction to the club and a swim test. The other, Helen Parker is a PADI OW diver wanting to join the club who will need a skills review. In addition to these we may have Debbie needing a skills refresher and Henry who could also benefit from pool practice. Paul T and I both have colds but may feel up to going in the pool…Dave C and Paul R should be back from their hols and Suze may be coming in. I’ll attempt to sort out who’s doing what on the night!! Please could instructors let me know in advance if they are not going to be available. Thanks.


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