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Training Plan Tuesday 29th October

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Hi all,
A fairly quiet week because a lot of both trainees and instructors
(including me) are away, thanks to half term, I guess. It’s a much quieter night
in the pool so a good time for qualified or pool signed off people to get in and
practice if they want to.
However, we have two try-divers, Charles will look after Phil Gibson and
Sammy will look after George’s friend Rachel.
Dave C and Richard will work with Ryan and Adam in the pool. I’m treating
them individually this week because I think they are progressing at different
rates. Please bring your qualification books in Ryan and Adam to show Dave and Richard where
you’re up to. Since you’ve not been in the pool for some while I suggest a
skills-so-far recap would be a good idea.
David will do OT1 with Aaron. I didn’t get a chance to introduce Aaron to
many people last week because of the presentation so, Aaron, please go to our
website and look in the ‘Our Club’ then ‘Meet the instructors’ page for a
picture of David Patchett….then you can introduce yourself to him when he
Alexis will do OT2 with Tony
Chris S will do OT6 with Humphrey and Colleen
Selina, I’ve run out of instructors and I’m saving OT5 for later as Ryan
and Adam also need this lesson and you can all do it together. You’re welcome to
sit in on one of the other OD lessons going on to help with revision for your
test or, being pool signed off now you could go in the pool and do the monthly
clean up. Just ask the equipment officers for the net, they’ll explain what you
need to do.
Lastly a reminder that there will be no training at all the following week
(5th November) so you can all enjoy your bonfires and fireworks (horrible noisy
things!) whilst your instructors have fun…eerm I mean, get up to date with
current BSAC Safe Diving Practices in the pool.

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