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Training Plan Tuesday 27th March

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Hi all,

Sorry this training plan is a little late but I’ve been waiting for the Metrodome to confirm that the dive pool will definitely be open for us on Tuesday and …brilliant news,… it will!! So it’s full speed ahead.

We have 3 try-dives booked in (so it’s a bit of a ‘phew’ that the pool is ready). Rob and Ann will look after Ben Askew and his step-daughter. Chris N will look after Andrew Wilkinson’s son.

Paul R will do a general pool refresher with Debbie.

David P will do OT7 with Daniel assuming Daniel is ok this week…(just let us know Daniel if you’re still not up to it) and Henry assuming he can make it too.

Dave C and Paul T may be available to do theory or pool revision by request. If there is any specific revision you need do let me know so I can pass on the info to the instructors and they can come prepared.

As well as training, the Metrodome have asked that we help them with getting ‘bits’ out of the bottom of the pool (possibly caused by the building work?). Anyway their pool vac and filters can’t seem to manage to clear it so they’ve asked if we’ll help. Thus we need a couple of volunteers to get in with the net and perhaps a brush to do some housework!! Half price kit hire to the first two to volunteer!

See everyone Tuesday,


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