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Training Plan Tuesday 25th Sept

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Hi all,

This Tuesday will be a bit different from normal. Hopefully we will have access to the room behind the Rigby Bar (go through the screen doors at the end of the bar and turn left) where there is audio-visual equipment because, from about 7.45pm, David and I will be giving a short picture presentation looking at and comparing the club dive trips to Fuerteventura, Egypt and the Farne Islands this year. This will take 20-25 minutes and everybody is welcome…please don’t leave us talking to ourselves!

Following this, Rob will be doing a training session on deploying a DSMB (Delayed surface marker buoy). This is an essential safety skill for most British sea diving and often required on boat diving trips abroad. Rob will give a dry demonstration and Paul T will be bringing in a range of DSMBs and reels to show you. Then all those who want to can go in the pool and have a go at deploying one…it’ll be DSMB fest (hopefully with no knitting!). This session is open especially to all our newly qualified Ocean Divers but anyone who feels they need to practice this skill is also welcome (bring your own DSMB if you have one). Any OD trainees who are pool signed off can also join in with this session…but make sure you buddy check before diving.

In addition to this we have Autumn and Tom coming in to sign up to the club and embark on the Ocean Diver course.Paul R will do OT0 with them and watch over them as they do their swim test. If there’s room in the pool at the end of the evening they will do some snorkelling too. (I’m not sure if Mark Summerton will be starting out until he has sorted out his mask problems but he can join in here if he wishes).

David will continue with Angelina…wherever they’re up to but ideally with theory as the pool will be busy.

Chris will continue with Tony Jakins if he comes in….but we do understand if you can’t make it Tony…no need to let us know.

I think that’s all …so now it’s back to presentation preparation for me!!


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