Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Training Plan Tuesday 20th and Thursday 22nd July

Waves Shape

Hi all,

First of all, huge congratulations to Adam, Josh, Anya and Ryan who
completed all their open water training over this weekend and are our
newest, qualified Ocean Divers!! Well done!

I’m pleased to report that now that the covid restrictions have ended, we
are no longer restricted on the number of divers in the pool. So, I will
plan the training as usual but any qualified diver or pool-signed-off
trainee who wants to use the pool is welcome to just turn up. At the moment
Tuesdays are still busy because of try-divers but Thursdays are going to be
much quieter so a good time to get wet if you just want to practice or test
kit….but please aim to arrive no earlier than 8.10pm to allow the
instructors and trainees to set up their kit and get into the pool first.
Thank you.

The EOs will no longer lay out the equipment on the pool side as social
distancing is not mandatory any more. However, in order to keep everyone as
safe as possible the fin boxes will still be put out in front of the cage
door. To get kit, please form an orderly queue behind those boxes and the
EOs will bring out what you need as fast as they can. Please be patient.


*Alexis* will do a second try-dive with Maisie Wakefield. Maisie had
trouble with her ears last time but wants to try again.

*Charles* will do a try-dive with Greg Moreno and

*Dave C* will do a try-dive with Will Moreno

*Rob* will work with Andrei and Mihai on OS5

*David* will continue with Becca

*Nigel *will start ST4 with Ken and Steve B by Zoom Please use the usual
link which I will set up for 7.30pm



*Steve* and *David* will work with Devin and Liam on OS2/3

*Ann* will finish OS3 and go on to OS4 with Leonie

I will not be there on Tuesday, it’s my grandson’t 7th birthday! Alexis,
I’m going to ask Dave Hook to come along to do the try-dive paperwork but
if he can’t make it I hope you can step in. There’s no need for Maisie to
fill out another try-dive form…just your lads.

I will send out final details of the Capernwray trip on the 31st July (and
possibly 1st August) at the end of this week.


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