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Training Plan Tuesday 19th Feb

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Hi all,

A fairly straightforward plan this week, so here goes….

David will be doing a refresher evening with PADI diver Carol Higgins.

Richard will be starting pool work (OS1) with our latest recruit Paul Miller (the snorkelling bit was done last week, Richard).

Chris S will be doing theory with Mate, Dominik, Ruby and Dylan. I think there may be a bit of OT1 to be finished but then go on to OT2 . We can find out where everyone is up to on Tuesday evening.

Ann will be doing OT4….finishing off the lesson with Jess, Giannis and Mackenzie…don’t forget your homework guys…. and doing the whole lesson with Tony Jakins.

Pam will take Mackenzie in the pool once she’s done the bit of theory and Angelina can join them if she’s there.

Tim and Chris N will do SS1, that’s rescue skills in the pool, with Callum, Steve, Dave and Ken and any other SD trainees who’d like to do/refresh these skills in preparation for OW training soon…(Sonny and Cameron, it’s been over a year since you did SS1 and to progress you’ll need to do OS1).

Autumn, Tom, Jess and Giannis…don’t forget you are all pool signed off which means that you can go in the pool without an instructor to practice your skills (perhaps with hoods and gloves on) in preparation for going into open water. There should be plenty of room in the pool this week so go for it!!

…and I think that’s it!


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