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Training plan Tuesday 15th May

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Hi all,

A fairly successful day at Capernwray yesterday despite a couple of medical hiccups! Nothing too serious thankfully.

Yet another very busy evening to come with two try-dives and all the new recruits.

Rob and Dave C will do the try-dives, that’s Amy Morrell and her Mum (I think).

Paul R will do a pool sign off with Debbie. Debbie passed her theory test with flying colours last week so she’s all set to start open water training asap.

Chris N will continue with Josh…wherever they happen to be up to.

David will do OT1 with Matt, Ellie and Callum.

Ann will look after Dan doing the OD theory test and also oversee Thomas Wilkinson attempting his swim test and perhaps signing up!

…and that’s about it. As things are getting very busy and the holiday season is approaching, there may be some weeks when I cannot accommodate every trainee with the available instructors. Please remember that your instructors are volunteers and occasionally want a Tuesday evening off (how dare they!) If, on any week your name doesn’t appear in the training plan, then rest assured it will definitely appear the following week. As always, if you know you aren’t going to be at club on any Tuesday it helps if you can let me know asap. Thanks for your understanding.


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