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Training Plan Tuesday 12th October

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Hi all,

An early training plan because I’m off on my hols tomorrow and… with
respect to all our members, I want to forget about Barnsley BSAC for the
week! Please try not to call or message me unless it’s a matter of life or
death!! 😉😂. We are a bit short of instructors again this week so
apologies to anyone I may have left out.

Two try dives this week, *Charles* will look after Phill Quinn and* Sammy*
will look after Alec Carroll (who’s wife and son did try dives last week).
I’m hoping Dave Hook will pop in to do the paperwork with the try-divers.

*Nigel * will continue drysuit training with Iain and Ken. Nigel, please
confirm with Ken if you are ok to do two lots of drysuit training together.

*David *will do OS1 with Wayne and Eva….please note they did snorkeling
with Dean when they signed up.

*Steve *will do OS1 with Zara …who has also done the snorkelling bit with

*Chris * will work with Joanne and Will Rutter. I’m sorry Chris this is not
an ideal combination as Will is on OS5 and Joanne is on OS4 (I think)
perhaps you could concentrate on CBL while you have the two of them

*Rob *will do ST5* in the room* with any Sports Diver trainees who would
like to do it.

*DC * will do Ocean Diver revision, probably *ONLINE *using TEAMS with
Marie and Liam*, * Dave, please confirm this with Marie before Tuesday.

With only 11 people scheduled to be in the pool there is plenty of space
for others to get wet for practice, to wield the net or just for fun. See
y’all Tuesday week, I hope all goes well at Capernwray over the weekend.
Safe Diving!


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