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Wave Shape

Training plan Tuesday 10th April

Waves Shape

Hi all,

Just one try-dive this week called Zhain. Please will Chris do this but in case Chris is not there by the time Zhain arrives please could Paul and Mary look out for him. Thanks.

Sonny is wanting to have a go at the SD exam and Daniel the OD exam. David P will look after both of these.

Suze will be helping Sammy with her mask issues.

Paul R will work with Helen in the pool to build confidence and skills. (Paul, if Henry comes along he is in revision mode so may need questions answering. Please could you look out for him in the time before you go down to the pool. Thanks)

(Henry and Debbie, I have you both booked in for the OD theory test the following week, email me if you have any problems).

Dave C will be in the pool with Debbie.

Trevor and I won’t be there this week. Not too many in the pool so room for others to practice skills in preparation for OW training.


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