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Wave Shape

Training Plan – Tues 19th May

Waves Shape

Hi all

Its my second week standing in for MarkH. With the trip to Egypt this coming week, we are a bit short of instructors so this is what we can do.

Jim Taylor running Dive Leader theory lesson DT8 with Nigel and Liz. If either of you are unable to come please let me know so we know who to expect.

ChrisN with Kelly for completion of OS4
~ Swim without her mask
~ Manoeuvre in unusual attitudes
~ Remove the SCUBA at the surface and exit as for boat diving
Completion of OS5
~ practice AS and CBL lifts including signalling for help and towing the casualty.

PaulR with Debbie for skills practice. You do not need an instructor specifically to do this with you as you are qualified for the pool. You could work with Sammy if I have to do a try dive (which I am awaiting confirmation of).

RobM – available on standby (will be at the Metrodome for 8pm).

Cheers Paul

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