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Training plan March 10th

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Hi all,
Alexis will be doing his presentation on injury prevention for divers this
week so,before I go into details, I’d just like to say that we have decided to
keep training to a minimum to allow everyone who wants to,  to watch the
presentation. This means that some trainees will not have any formal training
this week, I hope they will enjoy the presentation instead and rest assured that
their training will continue next week. This includes our four new younger
trainees who I’ve decided not to include this week as they would be starting a
theory lesson quite late and perhaps might be too tired to take it in. They will
be doing a little theory and be in the pool next week.
Alexis’ presentation will start at 7.35 prompt and he will talk initially
for 30 minutes then allow a break at around 8.05pm when all the trainees
mentioned below and their instructors can leave to start training. (I suggest
the theory gets set up on the balcony?). After this initial 30 minute talk
Alexis will continue with questions and answers and a bit more in-depth stuff if
people require it.
So, to the training plan. We had two try-dives booked this week but one has failed to respond to my email asking for confirmation. David will look
after Nicholas (who’s 14 and has a voucher for his try-dive) and if Rich turns up will Nigel please look
after him (he’s not paid so far). I’ve asked them to arrive at 7.30 so as not to
disturb the presentation. I suggest that Dave (only one training pack needed)
David and possibly Nigel take them on to the balcony to do the paperwork and chatty bit
and then take them down to the cage just before 8pm to be ahead of the
Mark will be in the pool with Janine (who’s on OS2) and Martin. Please
assess where Martin is, Mark he hasn’t been in the water for some time.
Richard will be in the pool with Stephen doing OS4 and Will could be with
them for AS practice.
Charles will be in the pool with Mark doing OS3.
Dave C will be in the pool with Colleen doing OS4/5 I think (EOs please
note we owe Colleen a free set of kit this week as she had a minor kit failure
last week and lost a lot of time)
Paul Tarn will be doing drysuit practical in the pool with Henry, Steve,
Dave and Humphrey…and perhaps others from DVD (they will need to bring some
kit) in groups of three.
Chris N will do ST6 with Mate and Dominik.
Trevor and I will not be there this Tuesday so I hope everything goes
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