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Training Plan January 10th

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Hi all,

Firstly, before I forget, we will be meeting at the* back of the Rigby Bar
this week.*

Also, next week Alexis will be giving his presentation on avoiding injury
whilst diving. This is really important for everyone as Alexis will give
advice on getting yourself fit enough to safely dive through the season.
Everyone is welcome and there will be no training planned. (Although, if
there is time, the pool will be available after the presentation for

Lastly, our AGM will be held on 31st January. Again, there will be no
training that week and everyone is not only welcome but encouraged to come.
This is where decisions are made that will affect all members over the
coming year so please, come along and have your say, cast your vote! More
about that later from Linda.

*In the pool:*

*Charles and Gemma * will look after our try divers, Francesca James and
her Mum.

*Steve D* will do OS1 with Maddi

*Tim *will do a refresher with Margaret

Lots of room in the pool for Luke, Dan, Louis, Bryan and anyone else to get
in and practice. However, please note, after doing the signing up I will be
free in the room to work with anyone who wants to revise for their OD
theory exam…or even have a go at it!!

*In the room:*
*Paul T * will do DT1 with Anya and Helen

*Alexis * will do OT4 with James and anyone else who would like to repeat
it (this is the tables lesson).

*David * will do OT6 with Steve T and Michael

*Rob * will do the first half of ST5 with Zara and Jaene and anyone else
who needs to start this lesson, Esme, Mick?.

*Ann *will sign up Michelle Archer and possibly Kris Jaworski and then pass
them on to *Chris *for OT0 and snorkeling.

I think that covers everyone, a very busy week!!

See y’all on Tuesday.


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