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Training Plan for tomorrow

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Hi all,

Good news, I finally have confirmation that the work on the diving boards
will not start this week. No-one seems to know just when it will start so I
guess I’ll have this same palaver next weekend 😵

However, swiftly on to the training plan….because of all the theory we
did last week there’s a lot in the pool this week; it will be a bit busy
but we’d best make use of it while we can.

*Sammy * will look after our try-diver Catherine Clough

*Alexis * will do OS1 with Karl, Dane and Mick

*Steve * will work with Rhiana in the pool still working towards OS2

*Chris *will work with Eva who is also working towards OS2

A note here, both Eva and Rhiana have had problems with their ears which is
why they’re training separately this week..If you want to go in the pool
too Wayne you can join Chris and Eva…you will be repeating some skills
but that can’t be all bad.

*Charles *will work with Baher. I’m not sure what he will want to do,
please discuss before going down to the pool

*David *will do a skills review with Leonie looking towards a pool sign off

*Rob *will go over OT 2 with Zara…sorry you’re not in the pool Zara, you
will be next week (assuming the pool is available 🤞)

*DC *will do ST5 (breathing gas planning) *ONLINE using MS Teams * for any
SD trainees still needing that lesson…or anyone who would like to recap
it. DC will send out invitations to all SD trainees, please log in at 7.30
if you want to join in.

*Ann *will complete the OD theory test with Marie and Liam

And that’s all folks. See you tomorrow.


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