Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Training Plan B

Waves Shape

Sorry Everybody, I had a feeling there would be some fall out from my training plan so here is a new version with alterations:
Dave P to do the try dive.
Chris B work with Shaz.
Dave C work with George. OT3 (from slide 12) and/or continue in the pool.
Steve start OT4 with Oliver (up to slide 12) and/or continue in the pool.
Dave and Steve I’m leaving the choice of theory and/or pool up to you and your trainees…depending on time and inclination. 
Paul R do ST5 with Cameron, Sonny, Elliot (and Simon for revision).
Rob…..is in Portugal!! I forgot! Note to self, “always write things down!”
I shall now go back to my hols in sunny Whitby. Have fun on Tuesday. 

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