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Training Plan August 28th

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Hi all,

With holidays still on-going it’s again a very quiet week this week with just two try-dives…yes, that’s it!

We have Jess Radley who’s 13 and Ron Winter booked in for try-dives. Rob and Paul will do these.

I know Shaz is wanting to complete the compressor training, Tim, please let me know if you are not available…and is there anyone else who still needs this?

So, plenty of spare instructors and pool space. If you let me know before Tuesday that you need an instructor for anything specific I will make sure someone is available…pool or theory.

The next scheduled open water date is 15th September. So far the trainees I have down are Callum OD, Mandi and Cameron SD, Alex and Sammy DL and Daniel (and possibly Shaz?) to do a Nitrox dive to get Nitrox qualified. Let me know if you want to add your name to the list and, as usual, any qualified divers who just want to pleasure dive or help out with the training are welcome to join in…but again, let us know you are coming.

See y’all Tuesday,


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