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Training Plan 9th November

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Hi all,

Wasn’t Jason Gregory great last week?! It was fab to see so many members
there. We plan to include presentation evenings regularly through the
winter so watch this space for the next one!

We have no try dives this week so there is plenty of room in the pool for
people to practice, test kit etc..Make good use of this quiet time divers,
we have 4 new trainees starting at the end of this month and more in the
New Year so things are gonna get busy again! If you are coming in to
practice, please remember to let the trainees and instructors go to the
cage first, aim to approach the cage no earlier than 8.15. Thanks.

*Tim *will do a practice pool sign off with Joanne

*Alexis *will do a practice pool sign off with Leonie

*Charles * will continue with Marie OS3

*Steve * will do OT3 with Wayne, Eva, Zara and Will (in the clubroom)

*Rob* will start ST4 with all the Sports Diver trainees (also in the

*David* will do OT1 and demo SCUBA set-up and dismantle with Rhiana (in the
clubroom and on poolside)

*Chris * will look after Liam (and possibly Marie) doing the Ocean Diver
Theory test. I’ll bring all the necessary paperwork.

I’ll not be at club the following week (off to Egypt on Wednesday…YAY!)
so I’d appreciate it if the instructors could email me sometime before next
weekend with a brief update on how things went this week to help me with
planning for the 16th. Thanks.


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