Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Training Plan 8th October

Waves Shape

Hi all,

Despite my best intentions to keep the cage’s load light, well basically, I failed. Things are very busy in the pool and most of my continuity planning has failed too but heigh ho!

So to minimise the impact on the cage I thought we might have two ‘waves’ of trainees going in. I’ll explain below:

First wave aim to go down to get changed and be at the poolside at 8.00 with a view to being in the water by 8.20 ish and out by 9.10pm. The EOs will knock on the side of the pool at 9.10 to signal the end of the first wave.

Nigel, Dave C and Chris N will look after our 3 Try divers, Tony and his two sons aged 15 and 19. . Nigel, as you’re one of the early birds, could you please do the talky and form filling bit with all the try-divers and take them down to the poolside. If necessary, Dave and Chris could meet you there. Trevor will attempt to have kit ready out for them having assessed their sizes.

Sammy in the pool with Colleen doing OS1/2

Tim with Abbie and Andy doing OS4/5

Second wave set off for the pool at about 8.10 to start kitting up 8.20 and be in the water for 8.40ish and then out at the end of the evening as usual with a second knock on the side of the pool.

Alexis, having helped with all the equipment stuff will go in the pool with Lee to demonstrate DSMB deployment.

Rob with Adam and Ryan who I think are at OS3

David with Tony doing OS1/2

Ann will do OT2 with Martin and Will….by 8.10 pm the clubroom will be like the Marie Celeste.

In view of how busy the pool will be please could instructors who usually bring their own kit bring a cylinder too, if possible. Thanks.

Lastly, please could everyone note that on November 5th we’ll be having underwater fireworks in the pool….no, I’m kidding….in fact we will be holding an instructor training night in the room and the pool for all Instructors and Assistant Instructors. Rob will send out details of what we hope to achieve that evening closer to the time. If any instructors have thoughts on what they would like to be included please let Rob know.

This means that there will be no other training on November 5th so all our trainees/members can enjoy their bonfire night.


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