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Training plan 8th November

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Hi all,

Thanks to all those who turned up to the meeting last week. We put together
a superb schedule of dive trips. If they all come off 2023 will be a
fantastic year. In the meantime we’d all better get on with practicing,
training and getting as many people as possible qualified so we can all
enjoy the craic!

*In the pool|:*

*Tim * will do OS3 with Michael with Gemma shadowing.

*David *will do OS2 with James

*Chris *will do OS5 with Louis with Dan D assisting for CBL practice

*Charles *will work with Paul BG on buoyancy control

There will be plenty of room in the pool for others to practice/play. Just
let Adrian know so he can get kit ready for you.

*In the room:*

*Rob *will do OT5 with Ben

*Nigel *will do ST1 with Mick Mc and anyone else who is wanting to start
the Sports Diver course or refresh it. This will be the last ST1 session
for a while so please don’t miss it if you want to progress to the rest of
the SD lessons. (Over the winter months this can include newly qualified
ODs but those intending to do the Advanced Ocean Diver course *don’t *need
to do this lesson).

I think that’s everyone, as always if I’ve left you out please nudge me
before Tuesday.

Lastly, I’ve been reminded that I need to see PADI qualification cards from
Paul BG and Dan D to photograph and put in the club database. If you two
could bring them along on Tuesday I’d be grateful. Thanks


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