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Training Plan 8th May 2018

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Hi all,

Good news! We have 4 new trainees starting the Ocean Diver course this week (and two more next week!). I’m encouraging them to sign up to BSAC online beforehand so Mary may be relieved of a bit of paperwork…if the system is working! Once they are all signed up perhaps Rob will give them the introductory talk about the club and the course and take them through the contents of the training pack…I know you said you were working on a visual aid for this Rob? Then they all need to do the swim test and perhaps go in to do some snorkelling to establish good finning technique (although there is no longer a snorkelling part in any of the new sheltered water lessons it would be good for instructors to guide them in this…Rob and/or Dave C?)

Apart from the new starters we may have a try-dive…it’s booked but they have not yet confirmed. Paul R will do this if they turn up.

Henry has requested some more skills practice. David will do this and hopefully get Henry confident enough that he can start to think about open water training.

I will look after Dan and Debbie both having a crack at the Ocean Diver exam.

We’ll be welcoming Pam Tarn and three Wombwell trainees who have asked to use the pool, there should be plenty of space this week.

For all those people involved in the open water training day at Capernwray on Saturday 12th there will be a short briefing at 7.45ish to sort out final details and where possible, car shares.


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