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Training Plan 8th January 2019

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Happy New Year to All !!

After such a long Christmas break I hope everyone is raring to get back to diving, I know I am!

We have just one try-dive to start off the new year, Dave Russell. Alex will look after him with Rob shadowing.

Tim will do OS4 with Jess and Giannis.

Paul R can’t go in the pool this week so will do OT5 with Autumn, Tom and Tony J.

Ann will do OT0 with our new starters Mate, Dominik and Ruby, they’ll then do their swim test (that’s 10 lengths of the lane pool, any stroke, no rush) and hopefully the snorkelling part of OS1 as well. Sammy will shadow this theory lesson then shadow David with the pool work below.

David doing pool work with Angelina and Mackenzie (please bring your new BCD Angelina to show us all!)

Chris will do ST6 with George, Ken and Will and if finished in time, could help out with snorkelling with the new starters.

I hope that’s everything covered. I’m going to make sure the training record board is in the room and by the pool later in the evening…together with a pen…please could everyone be vigilant filling in any lessons that have been signed off…so PLEASE bring your qualification books with you!


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