Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Training Plan 8th February

Waves Shape
Hi all,

A quiet night in the pool so there’s plenty of space for our trainees who
are pool signed off…Joanna,Will, Iain,…to buddy up and practice those
rescue skills. It won’t be long before we’re into open water and you’ll
need the skills to be second nature!

*In the pool.*

*Steve* will look after Maisie Wakefield doing her second try-dive and
hoping her ears will not give her problems.

*Alexis * will do a pool sign off with Wayne (perhaps Will might be
available to be a ‘casualty’ for that?

*David* will do OS1 with Paul and John …fingers crossed!!

*Nigel * will continue with Dane…you know where you’re up to

*Matt *can observe any of the above, your choice Matt

*Chris *will look after Shaun (more info on Tuesday, see you in the

* Theory in the room:*

*Paul T * will do ST4 revision exercises with those SD trainees who have
been doing ST4 and anyone else who would like the practice before
attempting the SD theory test.

* Rob * will do OT2 with Zara and Karl

*D.C. * will do OT3 with Rhiana

I think that’s everyone covered, let me know if I’ve missed you out. Quite
a lot of OD trainees have now finished all the lessons. Next week I’ll
organise some OD revision questions in preparation for getting the theory
tests done soon.


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