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Training plan 7th December

Waves Shape

Hi all,

A fairly quiet week so room in the pool for others to practice. Including
those who are pool signed off…Will, Leonie?

*Steve * will look after our try-diver this week, Catherine Clough

*David * will work with Rhiana and Zara on OS3/4 That’s a bit of revision
for Zara to help Rhiana along

*Alexis* will work with Wayne and Eva on OS2/3, again revision for Wayne to
support Eva

*Charles* will work with Marie on OS3

*Tim * will do a skills review and pool sign off if appropriate for Joanne
(and Iain if he is available).
*Rob* will do OT1 with Karl, Dane and Mick

*Nigel *will do ST5 online using MS Teams. He’ll send out a link to all the
current SD trainees for all who need that lesson and for anyone who’d like
to revise it to join in.

See y’all Tuesday,


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