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Training plan 6th September

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Hi all,

We’re a bit short of instructors this week as a lot of our divers are up in
the Summer Isles playing with the fishes, lucky people! However, we can
just about cover all the lessons, see below.

But firstly, as you may know, BSAC has introduced a new qualification
called ‘Advanced Ocean Diver’. This course is available to qualified Ocean
Divers and its main advantage is that it is shorter than the SD course but
will enable you to extend your depth range from 20m to 30m. This means that
you can participate in more of a club’s dive trips. Of course, you can
continue and complete the Sports Diver course afterwards if you wish.

The course consists of four theory modules, an introduction to deeper
diving and then the lessons that cover the equipment and techniques used to
support deeper diving. (Equivalent to ST3,4 and 5).

The practical includes an optional skill refresher session (if you gained
your OD qualification a while ago and feel a bit rusty), two open water
lessons, two depth progression dives (25/30m) and a compass lesson which
can be integrated into any of the other dives.

The training materials for the course are available only as downloadable
PDF files and cost £20. If you are interested in this course please let me
know so I can judge what the take-up might be.

*This week in the pool:*

*David * will complete Liam’s drysuit training

*Chris* will do OS2 with Steve and Louis

*Charles *will do OS4 with Bryan (hopefully Will will be available to show
his Dad what to do!)

Liz and Miles will be in the pool practicing their skills with hoods and
gloves. I am in the process of finding them a mentor to watch over them.

*In the room:*

*Alexis *will do OT1 with Ben Norfolk

*Steve *will do OT5 with Andy

*Ann *will do the Ocean Diver theory test with Jaene

I will send out more details about the open water session planned for the
25th September soon, watch this space!


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