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Hi all,

First of all, huge congratulations to Will Hodgson for qualifying as an
Ocean Diver. Will is off to Newcastle University soon so we won’t see much
of him in the near future but I hope he’ll come back and dive with us in
his hols!

Now a message to any qualified Ocean Divers who would like to do Sports
Diver theory over the winter months. Firstly you will need a SD pack which
costs £35. Please let me know if you want one and I’ll put in an order. It
is best if you do *ST1 first *but following that you can do any of the
theory lessons in any order. I will try to schedule a SD theory lesson most
weeks but if you can’t make a specific lesson on one occasion, you can pick
it up the next time it comes round. *This is a heads up that I will be
planning in ST1 next week (28th Sept) to get people started. * So, if you
need a SD pack, get your order in to me soon. Also, some of these lessons
might be delivered online (although not next week). If you’ve not used it
before, please download MS Teams onto your device and try to familiarise
yourself with it.

And now to the training plan for this week.

*Rob* will do a skills assessment with *Paul Brown*

*Chris* will work with *Will Rutte*r as planned last week and Steve will

*David* will work with *Joanne* OS3/4, I think

*Alexis* will work with *Marie* on OS2/3

*DC* will do a general recap with *Leonie*

I think Liam will be available to be a ‘casualty’ for any of the above.

Despite a lot going on there is still space for any other qualified or pool
signed off divers to get in and practice their skills or just get wet. This
is particularly important for people who are going on the Farnes trip next
month. If, heaven forbid, you had to rescue your buddy would you remember
how? If you haven’t practiced CBL and AAS recently do get in the pool
before you go…and if you need instructor help, just ask.

See you then,


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