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Training plan 5th September 2017

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Hi all,

Now the holiday season is mostly over we’re getting back to our normal monthly schedule through September. So, this Tuesday is presentation night and Nick is going to tell us all about the Portugal trip including, I hope, that brilliant picture of the ‘flying gurnard’! As Nick is needed in the cage later in the evening his presentation will start at 7.30 promptly and finish by 8pm.

So, to the training plan. All training will start after Nick’s presentation:

We have one try-dive, Isabella Senior and I’ll do that.

Rob will do SS1 in the pool with Cameron and Elliot. (I know you’ve done this Sonny but if you want to join in just for practice, that’s fine).

Chris B will do OT5 with Shaz and there’ll probably not be enough time for them to go in the pool.

Paul R will do the second half of OT3 with Jack and George (start at slide 12, I think). Jack and George, bring your swimming stuff along, there may be someone to go in the pool with you but I can’t be certain at the moment.

Chris N will continue with Oliver in the pool (OS4?)

David, I’m told we may have a qualified PADI diver coming in to sign up, called Debbie. Once Mary’s signed her up, will you look after her and perhaps do the theory Xover stuff with her?

Thanks to all the instructors…we probably don’t say that enough!!

See everyone Tuesday,


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