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Training Plan 5th June

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Hi all,

An early training plan again this week as I’m off camping for the weekend! We are a bit short of instructors this week as both Paul and Dave are away so…..

we have two try-dives again, Becky Price and her partner. Rob and I will do these.

David will finish OT2 with Matt, Ellie and Callum and then take all three in the pool.

Chris will continue with Josh

There will be an opportunity for Henry to have a crack at the OD theory test if he can, as suggested last week, be at club promptly on or before 7.30. Please let me know Henry if you can’t make it.

I think Helen would like to practice some skills in the pool if there is anyone willing to buddy her and watch over her…Adrian or Linda?

That’s all folks, I’m off to pack the tent!


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