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Wave Shape

Training Plan 5th July

Waves Shape
Hi all,

A very brief training plan today as I’m busy settling in my
Ukrainian refugee this weekend.
A very quiet night again in the pool so if any qualified divers or pool
signed off trainees want to use the pool for practice, feel free!! When
it’s so quiet there’s no need for two waves in the pool but please,
qualified divers, allow the trainees to get kit first so aim to arrive at
poolside at about 8.15. Thanks.

*In the pool:*

*Tim *will do a refresher session with our ex-member Kelly Lucas in
preparation for her doing a bit of diving on her hols.

*David* will continue with Janet doing OS3

*Nigel* will continue with Liz and Miles (assuming they’re better) doing
OS4 (Sammy might be available to help here?)

*In the room: *

*Rob *will do the second half of ST 4 with Anya

*Ann *will sign up Peter Ramanouski, Ashley Elliot and Brian Rutter and
then pass them on to Chris to do snorkelling in the pool. (no need to
arrive too early Chris).

If I’ve missed anybody please nudge me tomorrow but otherwise, see you on


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