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Training plan 5th February

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Hi All, from sunny Curacao,
This week Alexis will be giving his presentation on ‘Injury prevention for
divers’ to start the evening. Everyone is welcome. Please aim to get to club on
time as the presentation will start promptly at 7.40pm. The presentation will
probably finish just before 8.30 so there will be time for a bit of training
We have one try-dive, Darryl Vincent, I will do his introduction during the presentation then David will take him for his try-dive.
After the presentation has finished:
Tim will do ST1 with Callum, Steve L and Dave H.
Ann will start OT4 with Jess, Giannis and Mackenzie. Autumn and Tom may like to
sit in on this as it will be good tables revision.
Chris N will start OS2 with Mate and Dylan
Richard will continue OS1 with Dominik
Chris S will continue OS1 with Ruby
Ken gets a break this week as I’m hoping to get him in step with our other new SD trainees next week…fingers crossed!
Apologies to George and Angelina, I’ve run out of instructors. You’ll be included next week.

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