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Hi all,

Yet another busy week but isn’t it good that the club is so vibrant at the
moment?! So, to the plan which unfortunately is a little vague for Thursday
but will be tightened up once I’ve met the new starters on Tuesday

TUESDAY 29th June

Group 1

David Patchett will continue with Becca, OS2

*Dave C * will work with Leonie on OS3

*Rob *will do OS5 with Anya ably assisted by Adam

Group 2

Steve D will do a try dive with Sophie Simpson

*Chris N * will do a try-dive with Jack Leech

*Charles *will do a try-dive with Mum (not sure who’s Mum…all will come
clear on Tuesday, I hope)

*Nigel *will do ST3 with Steve B and Ken by Zoom starting at 7.30pm


Group 1

Rob will do an assessment with Devin Kellett who is joining us part way
through his OD training

Chris N will work with Mihai on OS4

*Nigel* will work with Josh on OS5

*Group 2*

*David P, Alexis and Ann * will be doing snorkelling and buoyancy with our
new trainees…more details will follow once I’ve done their introduction
on Tuesday.

Sadly that leaves no space in the pool for other members* BUT *so far I
only have 6 people booked into the Rescue Skills refresher night next
Thursday 8th July ….that leaves plenty of space for others to join in.
This is a really good opportunity to bring your rescue skills up to
scratch…when did you last practice a CBL? Would you be able to help with
CPR in an emergency? Have you been trained in O2 administration but really
can’t remember what to do?? These are the skills we will be refreshing.
Make use of this opportunity and book yourself a place.



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