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Training Plan 4th September

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Hi all,

Yet another quiet week so I was wondering if all you Sports Diver trainees who have yet to pass the theory exam would like a set of revision lessons whenever we are quiet like this? Please let me know if you are interested and I’ll ask someone to prepare your chosen lesson.

In the meantime we have one try-dive, Millie (who is Callum’s cousin). Rob will look after her.

Chris will work with Tony Jakins probably the first half of OT1 and then in the pool to finish OS1.

Paul T will do DT1 with Adrian. (Alex you can sit in to refresh this if you want to).

Tim will do some AD theory with Suze.

We’ve had two other try-dive requests to whom I’ve offered spaces but as yet they haven’t come back to me. I may need to call on David, Dave or Paul R at short notice.

Again, plenty of space in the pool for fun and practicing …and only one more Tuesday until the next Open Water day (15th Sept). All of you who will be doing skills in hoods and gloves please remember to practice this in the pool in preparation.

See y’all Tuesday,


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