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Training Plan 4th July 2017

Waves Shape

Hi all,

Sorry this is a bit late, life has been fairly hectic over the weekend. I hope those concerned don’t mind me putting initials after their names but there could be a lot of confusion if I don’t. We now have two Georges, two Wills, two Jacks, two Daves, two Chris’ and three Pauls! I’m doing my best to keep track!

It was pointed out to me that new trainees find it hard to understand the shorthand for the lessons so here’s a brief explanation of the system:

OD = Ocean Diver, Lessons starting O are OD lessons, OT = theory, OS = Sheltered water i.e.Pool, OO = Open water
SD = Sports Diver, Lessons starting S are SD lessons, ST = theory, SS = Sheltered water i.e. Pool, SO = Open water
DL = Dive Leader, likewise DT, DS, DO

So, to the training plan:

We have just one try-dive this week, Nick Wray who is 15. Chris N will do this.

Tim will do DSMB training with Elliot and Will L in preparation for going to the Farnes (and Sonny too if he wants to join in), we’ll continue the SD theory next week.

Ann will be in the pool with Nichola

Chris B will be in the pool with Paul M

George V will be signing up and then Paul R will do OT2 with both George and Oliver. If Steve’s here he may like to join in this lesson and help out when it gets to the practical bit of assembling/dismantling a SCUBA.

Dave C will do OT6 with Jake

Dave P will finish off DT8 with Sammy. (a quick recap of slides 1-16 then continue from slide 17, Dave).

…and that’s it I think.


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