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Training plan 4th December

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Hi all,

I’m back from my hols and, thanks to Paul I hope I have a handle on what’s been going on so I’m going to have a stab at a training plan. Here goes…

Tim will do the first half of OT2 (up to the first quiz slide) with Mackenzie, Jess and Giannis and then progress to pool with Giannis (OS1)

Pam will then take over Mackenzie and Jess in the pool with OS2/3

Paul R will work with Autumn and Tom starting with part of OT5 and then progressing to OS5 in the pool (I think)

Chris will concentrate on pool work with Tony (OS4/5 but it’s been a while since Tony was in the pool so refreshing some skills might be a good idea)

David will do cross over theory and pool with Ken

Paul T will do theory with George and Will (and any other SD trainees who want to refresh ST5)

Ann will look after our two new starters, Mate and Dominik who (after signing Dominik up) will be doing OT1, the swim test and snorkelling if time.

I hope Angelina won’t mind missing out this week, you’ll be my priority next week Angelina.

Again, thanks to Paul for keeping all the training planning and records up to date while I’ve been away, he’s done a great job. If I’ve missed anyone out or made any other mistakes this week please tell me so I can get things right next week. Thanks.


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