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Training plan 3rd September

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Hi all,

I’m doing this in a rush because I’ve a busy weekend and want to get it off my brain. For everyone who has booked onto next weekend’s Open Water Training and anyone else thinking about it, I will be putting the final touches on that plan tomorrow evening and will send out briefings by Monday. Don’t forget, if you want to hire kit from the cage you will need to come in on Tuesday and collect it.

So, to the training plan. Just one try-dive this week, Nigel will look after Dylan who is just 12….if Dylan is keen we’ll need to persuade a parent to train alongside him!

Chris S will continue in the pool with Savahna

Chris N will continue in the pool with Humphrey

Sammy will continue in the pool with Kacey

Alexis will do a skills refresher in the pool with Rhys to prepare him for open water next weekend. Don’t forget hoods and gloves.

Ann will sign up Abbie and Andy and them pass them to Richard for OT0, swim test and snorkelling.

Mackenzie will hopefully be finishing off her OD theory test?

David will do ST5 with the sports diver trainees, Lee, Dan and Angelina…and anyone who wants to revise it.

Dave C will do OT3 with Colleen and Selina

Mark will do OT1 with Ryan and Adam and then go to poolside to demo SCUBA setting up and dismantling.

Phew! It’s going to be another busy week! You may be starting to note that I’m trying to give our Ocean Diver trainees some continuity of instructors whenever I can. Please feed back to me any thoughts you have on training/being trained with the same person whenever possible. Thanks.



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