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Training Plan 3rd October 2017

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Hi all,

The committee have suggested a meeting this week to discuss dive trips for 2018 and this will take place between 7.30 and 8pm. To allow everybody to contribute their ideas, training will not start until at least 8pm. Thus this week is a great evening for all our qualified divers to pop in, catch up with each other, tell us where you like to dive and perhaps volunteer to organise a trip!!

So, to the training plan. In view of the above I‘m planning either theory or pool, not both. Indeed there are quite a lot of people in the pool this week so perhaps getting started with kitting up early might be a good idea:

Tim will be in the pool with Alastair and Stan to do dry-suit training.

Paul R will start Daniel off in the pool with OS1

Chris B will continue with Shaz in the pool.

Chris N will complete OS5 with George and Oliver

Dave C will do OT3 with Henry and Debbie

Ann will do ST3 with Cameron and Sonny and any other SD trainees who want revision

David P will look after Jake doing the OD theory test. (I’ll bring all the paperwork along, David)

…and that’s it, I think. As always, let me know if I’ve missed you out, I’ll make sure you’re included next week.


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