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Training Plan 3rd January 2023

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Happy New Year everyone!

With four new trainees starting this week things are going to be very busy.
I have attempted to update my training board. I’ll have it up in the room
this week and next *PLEASE* could everyone who’s in training bring their
QRB in and check that your entry on the record is correct. Let me know if
it’s not! With so many trainees I need everyone (but especially Sports and
Advanced Ocean Diver trainees) to make sure they enter the date whenever
they complete a lesson. Thanks.

*In the pool this week\;*

*Rob * will do a skills assessment with Luke Wall who is joining us from
Sheffield and has nearly completed the OD course. Luke, please bring in
your QRB to show me andRob.

*Chris* will do a skills recap up to OS4 with Steve T who’s not been in the
pool for quite a while. Can continue to OS5 if there’s time and all is ok..

*Tim * will similarly do a skills recap with Michael Hirst who’s also not
been in the pool for a while but should have OS4 signed off. If all is ok,
continue to OS5 if time.

Bryan, Dan and Louis may be available to support these three lessons for
skills practice.

*In the room:*

*David * will do OT4 with James

*Alexis* will do the second half of ST5 / AODT4 with SD and AOD trainees

*Ann * will sign up our new trainees Maddi, Michelle, Krzysztof and
possibly Scott. Then *Steve* *D *will do OT0 with them and take them in the
pool to do snorkeling. *Gemma* can shadow all of this and help Steve out as

This plan is, of course, based largely on guesswork as I don’t know for
sure who is available and who is not so things may have to change on
Tuesday. If you’re in this plan and you know you definitely will not be
there, please let me know asap so I can adjust things as much as possible
in advance, many thanks.


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