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Training Plan 3rd December

Waves Shape

Hi all,

Another busy week but because there was only pool work last week there’s quite a lot of theory this week, so here goes…

Two try dives, Charles will look after Kevin James, Sammy will look after Amanda Stocks.

David will be in the pool with Colleen and Martin (let me know if your back’s still bad on Tuesday I can swap with you David).

Mark will be in the pool with Tony…OS2-3 I think. It’s a while since Tony’s been in the pool so some recap of basic skills is probably in order.

Dave C will be in the pool with Will and Humphrey. These two are essentially pool signed off but need to cover de-kitting in the water and managing a slipping weight belt…as well as practicing CBL especially for Humphrey.

Chris N will continue with Phil…your choice, plenty of room in the pool if that’s most useful… or do OT2

Alexis will do OT6 with Selina, Ryan and Adam

Chris S will do OT3 with Aaron

Paul T will do ST5 with Dan and as always any SD trainee who would like to revise this can join in.

Ann will do Andy and Abbie’s retest and do revision with Kacey.

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