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Training Plan 30th October

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Hi all,

A very busy evening in prospect but first a reminder about the next two weeks. Next week (6th Nov) we are hosting a presentation by ‘Blue Duck Photography’ on underwater photography. This is open to all members and their partners if they are interested. Some invitations have gone out to other clubs too. It will be held in the presentation space at the back of the Rigby Bar and will take up all of the evening so there will be no formal training next week. The pool will be available to anyone who has their own kit and would rather get wet than watch the presentation but only if there is a minimum of two diving.

The following week Barnsley FC have a home match versus Bradford so access and parking will, as usual be difficult (although don’t forget there is overflow parking round the back of the building where there is usually always space). I suggest, therefore that all instructors concentrate on pool work this week (Linda, Trevor will help out with the cage!) and plan to do theory lessons on the 13th…for a quick getaway!

This week we have one try-dive, Denise Beachill, Tim will do this and Alex will be shadowing.

David and Suze will be starting the Oxygen Administration course with Helen, Adrian W and Alexis (with Mick sitting in as a refresher.)

Rob will continue with Jess and Giannis

Paul R will continue with Tom and Autumn

Dave C will work with Tony. Tony, please remember to bring your qualification record in so that you can show Dave where you are up to. Thanks.

Ann will do ST3 with George and any other SD trainees who’d like to do this as a refresher.

Please note, I will be away for the next three weeks so Paul is taking over the training planning. I will be able to see emails while I’m away but will not receive texts or phone calls…as much as possible please save your training queries ‘til I get back…there’ll be plenty of time to get things done after Christmas.


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