Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Training Plan 30th July

Waves Shape

Hi all,

Just two try-dives this week (phew!) Dave C will look after Charlie and Chris S will look after Keith.

Chris N will do OT1 with Humphrey and Selina and demonstrate how to assemble and dismantle a SCUBA. (No need to bring your swimming stuff this week, you’ll be in the pool next week).

David will continue with Kacey in the pool.

Paul T will do ST2 with Lee, Angelina and Dan.

Alexis will assess Debbie in the pool to establish if there’s anything else she needs to practice in preparation for open water.

Ann will sign up Colleen, pass her to Rob and then do OT5 with Armya and Rhys.

Rob will do the OD theory test with Dylan and then do OT0 with Colleen and supervise her swimming test and possibly snorkelling too….multi-tasking Rob…I’m sure you can do it!!

Pam will be teaching two DVD trainees, possibly in the pool.


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