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Training Plan 30th January 2018

Waves Shape

Hi all,

There are no try-dives this week so an opportunity to get lots of pool training done.

Rob will do SS1 with Will and Alastair

Tim will do drysuit training with Shaz and Elliot. (Elliot, Linda’s son’s drysuit and regs are in the cage for you to use…and Linda’s regs for you, Shaz. You need to arrive a bit before pool time to try the drysuit on and make sure it fits well enough. Bring a Tshirt and shorts to wear under the drysuit).

Dave C will continue with Debbie in the pool. Debbie could you please let me know if you’re not better this week so I can let Dave know. Dave, if Debbie is still poorly could you help Tim out with the drysuit training please?

Paul R will do a pool sign off with Daniel.

David P will do OT5 with Henry (Henry, if there’s time afterwards and you want to, you could go in the pool with Paul and Daniel).

I will come prepared to do the first half of ST4 with any SD trainees who feel they need the revision in preparation for taking the SD exam. (Amy, Mike, Sonny, Cameron, James, Will L???) The more the merrier!

Despite there being quite a lot of people training in the pool, if things go to plan and assuming most instructors bring their own kit and the drysuiters will be using Linda’s regs, there should be plenty of spare kit available for others to get wet and practice.


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